How to install Playstation 4 ISO games

How to Install Playstaition 4 ISO games

Currently Playstation 4 is not hacked yet, but you can still play free ISO games on your Playstation 4. You'll need to first download your PS4 ISO game file and then burn it to a DVD using any DVD buring software. And that's it, insert your disk on your PS4 and start playing your game.

Step 1: Download Playstaition 4 ISO

Patch PS4 ISO file

First you have to download the PS4 ISO game file. Before you download the ISO file, we will patch it using our Online Playstation 4 ISO patching Tool (v1) with your activated redeem code. It's really easy, you have a full article on How to download Playstation 4 ISO games.

Step 2: Burn ISO to a DVD

Now you need to burning the downloaded Playstation 4 ISO game to a DVD so that you can play it on your playstation 4 console. You will have to download CloneDVD (just a popular ISO burning software) and install it on your system. You will also need a double layer blank DVD to burn your ISO. You can find a detailed guide on How to burn Playstation 4 ISO games


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