How to get PS4 games for free [How to download free PS4 games]

How to Download free Playstation 4 ISO games

Please follow the steps below to Download free Playstation 4 games.

Step 1: Find the Playstation 4 Game to download

Click here to go to our Playstation 4 Games page. You'll see a lot of available free downloadable Playstation 4 games there. Find your game using the drop down menus on the bottom of the screen. You can also find Playstation 4 Games by searching from the top search box.

Playstation 4 ISO Game Lists

Step 2: Go to Playstation 4 game page

After you've found your game, click on it and go to the Playstation 4 Game Page.

Playstation 4 FIFA 13 ISO

Step 3: Download Redeem Code

Click on the Download button on the page as shown above in the picture. You'll see your Playstation 4 ISO Redeem Code on the page you are redirected to. Click on the "Download Code" button and save the Playstation 4 ISO Redeem code file.

Downloading Playstation 4 Redeem Code

Step 4: Activate redeem code by Survey

Complete survey to download Playstation 4 ISO

Click on the "Activate redeem code by Survey" button and wait till the survey pop up appears. You need to complete only one survey. So choose whichever interests you. After you finish the survey you'll be redirected to the Playstation 4 ISO Redeeming Portal.

Step 5: Patch the Playstation 4 ISO

Patch PS4 ISO file

On the Playstation 4 ISO Redeeming Portal enter the Redeem code there. If your code is activated properly, it'll show a start Patch Playstation 4 ISO file with Redeem Code button, please click it to initiate PS4 ISO patching. It may take a few minutes to Patch your Playstation 4 ISO, so please be patient and wait (should not take more than 5 minutes).

Playstation 4 Redeem Code Activated
Patch PS4 ISO file

Step 6: Download Playstation 4 ISO

As soon as it finishes Playstation 4 ISO patching it'll take you on the new tab where you'll see the Playstation 4 ISO game downloading page. The following image shows the ISO file download page.

Download Playstation 4 ISO Download - Tomb Rider

Click on regular download button and enter the captha code when asked, your Playstation 4 ISO file download will start.

Wondering how to burn downloaded playstation ISO file in a DVD? Click Here.

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