How to get free PS4 games


how to download and play ps4 iso

Hey guys it's been a while the Playstation 4 has been out there and we all have been waiting for a way to play PS4 ISO games downloaded off the internet. And finally we geeks came up with a way to play downloaded PS4 ISO games on your your console. Obviously it won't work for all games, but you should be able to play new Playstation ISO games.

How to play ISO games on PS4

What actually happens

how to install ps4 iso games

We know, there's been a lot of websites recently claiming to HACK" Playstaition 4, but truely Playstaition 4 haven't been "HACKED" yet. Sony has really tightened up the security on their new console. But the trick we are going to show you DOES NOT REQUIRE to hack your Playstaition 4. If simply make the console believe that the DVD inside (in which you burnt the downloaded PS4 ISO game) is a digitally signed copy by patching it with a valid redeem code using our Online PS4 ISO Patching Tool (v1).


Before you comment anything offensive and stupid, please check that you've totally followed each step carefully describe in this "How to Playstaition 4 play PS4 ISO games" Guide. If you have questions you're most welcome to put that below in the comments sections, we will answer you as soon as possible.

How to Install FREE Playstaition 4 ISOs

Alright folks, now we are going to descibe all the steps one by one in detail and with pictures. :D

how to download ps4 iso games for free

>> Proceed to Download FREE Playstaition 4 ISO And Redeem Code

And About the Surveys

Another question that is bugging your mind for sure is about the surveys. Well, yes you do have to complete the surveys. Why? Sony won't allow us to giveaway free Redeem Codes. It's against their policy. But still, if you can't appreciate the fact that you are having a $50 worth Playstaition 4 Game just for a 5 minute survey, please purchage original copies of the games and leave our site at once.


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