How to burn Playstation 4 ISO to DVD

Burning Playstation 4 ISO to a DVD

So you've downloaded the Playstaition 4 ISO file and Redeem code and now you are confused how to burn ISO game to a DVD so that you can play it on PS4.. Follow the steps carefully to burn a ISO game in your Playstaition 4.

Things you'll need to burn a Playstation 4 ISO

  1. Playstaition 4 Game ISO File (If you have not downloaded ISO file yet please read How to download Free Playstaition 4 ISO Games and download your Playstation 4 ISO game and then come back here.)
  2. PowerISO (It's a popular software to burn DVDs. Download it POWERISO Download link
  3. Dual Layer DVDs (Just go to a local store and ask for it, max $5)

Burn an ISO file on a dual layer disk is pretty easy. We are not going in detail. These two videos should help you out. If you still have problems, please let us know on the comments section.

Step 1: Download and Install PowerISO

On the above tutorial you can see how to download and install PowerISO.

Step 2: How to burn downloaded Playstation 4 ISO game

Now that you got it downloaded and installed it's pretty easy to burn PS4 ISO game. Insert your dual later dvd on your DVD drive and follow the instructions on the video. Enjoy.


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